Teaching skills for Success
Children and Teens
Etiquette = Leadership Skills for the Future
All classes are customized and age appropriate.  Role playing exercises and workbooks are used as fun and informative tools to give students opportunities to learn and practice these social skills. Our basic class formats are the following:

Social Etiquette:  Ages 8-12
This is the perfect time to set a foundation of good manners and leadership skills while building their self-esteem.  This class consists of learning the basics of social etiquette, dining etiquette, and social dance.

Cotillion Club:  Ages 13-15
Emphasizing the basics and progressing into more advanced social etiquette and dining skills including poise, posture and public speaking. More dances are learned, including the waltz. 

Social Savvy for Teens:  Ages 16-18
Teens have more social responsibility than ever before. They are involved in social events, dating and are spending less time with parents.  As they are preparing for college, the knowledge of social etiquette, dining etiquette, interviewing skills, and leadership skills gives them the advantage that will set them apart and above the rest.

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